Monday, March 9, 2009

M.Box Mail: iPhone/IPod App for Hotmail and Windows Live Mail

The Bottom Line

At last you can easily get you Hotmail on your Phone mBox Malls Is designed to help you get your Hotmail as you are used to getting you Hotmail. It Is Like the - native” or built-in mail application on the iPhone — only It speaks the Windows Live Hotmail protocol.

Finally, you can have your Hotmail messages and folders on your Phone.

mBox Mail works much like the iPhone's built-in Mail but talks to Windows Live Hotmail accounts and integrates your Windows Live contacts with your iPhone's, too.
Unfortunately, mBox Mail can only access one account.

Easy Startup
Just enter your Windows Live Hotmail address and your password to start using mBox Mail. You have the ability to choose how many email bodies are available on the device through easy-to-use mBox Mail settings found in the iPhone settings. This means you can view 25 messages or 200 at a time.

mBox Mail lets you access Windows Live Hotmail accounts on an iPhone
You can read and delete mail in all folders and send messages, too
mBox Mail integrates both iPhone and Windows Live contacts

mBox Mail can access only one Windows Live Hotmail account at a time
You cannot open messages larger than 1 MB directly in mBox Mail

You can read, delete and send mail in portrait or landscape mode, open attachments and send images from Photos.

New mail can be announces with sound and vibration; mBox Mail can confirm sending with a sound, too.

mBox Mail uses both your iPhone and your Windows Live contacts to auto-complete addresses.
You can include a signature with mail you send from mBox Mail and send yourself a Bcc copy automatically.

mBox Mail supports iPhone and iPod touch 2.

Guide Review - mBox Mail 1.2 - Windows Live Hotmail Email Program for iPhone and iPod touch

You can access Windows Live Hotmail with your iPhone: use Safari, or channel Hotmail through an external service. It works, and it is clumsy.
How about an app that works just like iPhone Mail but talks to Windows Live Hotmail instead of POP and IMAP accounts? mBox Mail is that application. You can open any folder in your account and move messages freely (and in bulk to, say, mark them as such) just like in Mail. It's a pity mBox Mail can access only one account at a time, though.
What mBox Mail does very right is gathering contacts: not only does it use and auto-complete your iPhone addresses but those from Windows Live Hotmail as well. Composing messages, then, works much like it does in Mail — in a bit less straight-forward but in a functional manner none the less. You can even attach images from Photos and save drafts in mBox Mail, though they are not synced with Windows Live Hotmail.
For incoming emails exceeding 1 MB, you are directed to Windows Live Hotmail's web interface.

Thankfully, mBox Mail lets you read and type in both portrait and landscape mode, though.


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