Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skype and iPhone together on Edge-3G

Skype and iPhone together at last - fring launches iPhone VoIP client and it also support Skype
There's been considerable talk about VoIP services one the iPhone. Fring started out as a mobile client for accessing Skype, though the application now links up to all types of networks including MSN, Google pTalk and AIM, thus allowing for an identity-aggregator for mobile use.
You can do chat/calls by using Skype (Fring) but unfortunately call only allow on WIFI network. But hacker worked on it and they deployed a tool that cheats Fring and you can easilt make calls on Edge or 3G network. It will be fantastic if you can use Fring with your data plan
You'll need:
1. Fring installed. You can download it on the App Store.
2. A jaibroken iPhone.
3. Cydia installed.

Launch Cydia and search for "VoIPover3G" and install them
Restart your iPhone, launch Fring and you should be able to use it over the Edge/3G