Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Rejoin work station to Domain Control with old profile

When ever reinstall Active directory or restore the backup of Active directory then work station will not connect to server. Following are some step that will resolve this issue, you can't find this solution in any book or internet.

  1. After restoration process of active directory user can't login from work station.
  2. Unplugged your network adopter card then logic with your user id and last password that you used to logon on that work space.
  3. On first try system will not allow to log you in don't dishearten keep trying.
  4. After few tries you will be logged on your old profile. But remember right now you are not network.

  5. Plugged your network adopter, now its time to cheat the active directory.

  6. Right click on 'My Computer' --> Select 'Properties' --> 'System Properties' window appear on screen now go to 'Computer Name' Tab --> Click on 'Change' Button.
    See below image.

  7. 'Computer Name Changes' window appear on the screen. You can see in 'Member of' section 'Domain' is select. See below image.
  8. Change it to workgroup then click 'ok' Button of 'Computer Name Changes' and 'System property' window.

  9. System will give you message that
    you need to restart the machine, but don't do this.
  10. Now perform action on point 6 and 7 one more time.
  11. Again you see the same window, this time need to select 'Domain' in 'Member of' section.
  12. Put your domain name in this window and press ok and this time restart your windows.
  13. Now your system will working fine
    with active directory and you can use your old work space.